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My primary PhD advisor is William J. Bowman. I consider Margo Seltzer as my academic mentor since my Masters and am also being co-advised by her in PhD. I’m also remotely working with Marco Guarnieri from IMDEA, Spain.

In my masters I worked with Karthik Pattabiraman on security of Cyber-Physical Systems.

Some topics that I’m trying to understand are: Secure compilation, Full abstraction, Microarchitecture and architecture layers and their attacks and defenses.



  1. Security analysis of deep neural network-based cyber-physical systems
    Kashyap, Aarti
    MASc. Thesis, University of British Columbia 2020
  2. ReLUSyn: Synthesizing Stealthy Attacks for Deep Neural Network-Based Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems: Student Research Abstract
    Kashyap, Aarti
    In Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 2020


  1. Ontology based intrusion detection system for Slow-DOS attacks
    Kashyap, Aarti, and Gopalakrishnan, Akshay
    CS-CAN Student Symposium, 2019

Research Internships

  • 2020 IMDEA, Spain with Marco Guarnieri
  • 2020 MPI-SWS, Germany with Eva Darulova
  • 2017 NTT-DATA, Japan with Shota Togasaki
  • 2016/17 Interface Technologies, India with Srinivasan Iyer


  • Sub-reviewer for HPDC’19, HPDC’20, QRS’20
  • Artifact Evaluation Committe at ECOOPS’20.
  • Student Volunteer (SV) at PLDI’19, SPLASH’19, POPL’19.

Awards and Honours